Monday, March 20, 2017

The Worldwide Waste Map

The University of Leeds and the International Solid Waste Association have created an interactive map which explores & visualizes issues around municipal waste management across the globe. The Waste Atlas includes information about landfills, dumpsites and waste management in 164 different countries and 1,779 different cities around the world. Using the map you can compare and contrast the amount of waste generated by different countries & cities and how well they manage that waste.

Using the atlas you can compare the waste management data of countries around the world. Select a country on the map and you can view details on its annual waste generation and data on waste collection & recycling rates. If you click on the City Data link in the map menu you can view the same data for 1,779 cities around the world. As well as the map view Waste Atlas includes a number of static maps and charts which also visualize data about waste management in countries & cities around the world.

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