Monday, March 06, 2017

How Healthy Are Your Neighbors?

The people of Gary, Indiana like to play Russian roulette with their health. According to a new interactive map from the CDC Gary has the worst problems with smoking and physical activity of the largest 500 cities in America.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has mapped the health of 500 of the largest cities in the USA. Using the CDC map you can view the prevalence of health and unhealthy behavior down to neighborhood level. The purpose of the 500 Cities project is to "help develop and implement effective and targeted prevention activities (and) identify emerging health problems".

Using the 500 Cities interactive map you can view model based health estimates of neighborhoods at census tract level.  The map allows you to view the prevalence of a number of behaviors effecting health at neighborhood level, such as binge drinking, smoking, obesity and physical activity. You can also use the map to view the prevalence in neighborhoods of a number of different health issues and diseases.

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