Monday, March 20, 2017

Mapping China's Polluting Factories

Air pollution is a huge problem in China. Last year the American Association for the Advancement of Science reported that in 2013 air pollution killed 1.6 million people in China. One of the major causes of air pollution in the country is the large number of coal burning factories throughout China.

You can now see who the major air polluting culprits are in China on a new map of air pollution. The Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs' National Air Emissions interactive map shows the average hourly polluting rates of enterprises across China. Using the map you can find out which factories are responsible for the worst air pollution.

4,637 enterprises are being monitored in total. Each enterprise's map marker shows the latest recorded average hourly polluting value (mg/M3). You can also select a business' marker on the map to view more details, such as historical readings and how those readings relate to regulatory standards. The map's search facility includes options to filter the results shown by type of pollutant and to show only those factories exceeding or meeting regulatory air pollution standards.

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