Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mapping NSA Intercept Sites

It is possible to use interactive maps to visualize how internet traffic travels around the world. For example since 2010 the Visual Trace Route Tool has used the Google Maps API to show the path that internet packets take to reach specified destinations on the internet.

IXmaps has taken this concept a stage further. IXmaps not only shows you where your data travels around the world it also shows you where the NSA might be intercepting your personal data. The U.S. National Security Agency and other governments' agencies are known to intercept people's personal data as it travels around the world. The NSA does this by installing interception facilities at internet switching sites. IXmaps shows you where these facilities exist.

Share your IP address with IXmaps and you can view an interactive map showing the traceroutes your data takes around the world when you use the internet. The IXmaps interactive map also shows the location of known NSA internet interception sites. You can therefore use the map to see where the NSA are probably spying on your personal data.

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