Thursday, March 09, 2017

Searching Satellite Imagery

Last year Terrapattern released a visual search engine for satellite imagery. Terrapattern uses machine learning to find locations around the world which look very similar. This means that you can use Terrapattern to find other locations which share a visual resemblance to a chosen location. For example, if you click on a baseball field on the Terrapattern map you can find other locations which also have a baseball field.

Descartes Labs has now released their own visual satellite search engine which allows you to search for objects around the world. Geovisual Search works in a similar fashion to Terrapattern. To search for similar looking locations around the world you just need to click on an interactive map and the search engine almost instantly finds other locations around the world which look the same.

You can learn more about how Geovisual Search uses artificial intelligence to search satellite imagery on this Descartes Labs about page. In this initial launch Geovisual Search searches three different sets of satellite imagery; Landsat 8 (global), NAIP Aerial Imagery (USA) and PlanetScope (China).

Via: Google Earth Blog

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