Thursday, March 23, 2017

Street View in the Year 2050

Select a location on the Earth 2050 3D globe and you can get a little glimpse into the future. Kaspersky Lab has brought together some of the world's top scientists and futurologists to provide an insight into how the world might look in the year 2050.

Using the Earth 2050 futuristic looking 3D globe you can explore how various locations around the world might look in the future. Many of the locations featured on the globe even have Street View scenes providing 360 degree panoramas predicting the location in the year 2050.

If you have your own prediction about the world in 2050 you can add it to the map. Kaspersky Lab even provide instructions on how you can create your own future Street View panoramas. If you don't have your own predictions about the future you can still contribute to Earth 2050 by voting on whether you agree or disagree with the individual predictions shown on the map.

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