Friday, March 17, 2017

The 3D Building Age Map

A new map of the Morningside Heights neighborhood in Manhattan shows the age of every building in the historic district. A building age map of New York isn't exactly new. In fact you can view the age of every New York City building on the New York Building Age map. However the Morningside Heights Historic District Explorer not only shows building age but also allows you to view historic photographs of the featured buildings.

The Morningside Heights Historic District Explorer interactive map provides a 3D view of New York's buildings. The actual buildings within the Morningside Heights historic district have also been colored according to the period of their construction. You can click on the individual colored buildings to find out the exact year of construction. If you select a building on the map you can also view details on the building's architect, owner and height. You can also view historic photos of the building from the tax office.

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