Monday, November 25, 2019

Mapping the Spanish Diaspora

According to Spain's Institute of National Statistics there are over 2,100,000 Spaniards who are registered to vote abroad. The institute's database of oversea voters provides a unique insight into where Spanish people choose to live across the world. Obviously not every Spaniard who lives abroad has registered to vote in Spanish elections. However the Electoral Census of Spaniards Living Abroad is probably the largest accurate dataset of where emigre Spaniards live around the globe.

Absent Spanish is an interactive map of the Electoral Census of Spaniards Living Abroad. The map uses scaled markers to show the number of Spanish people living in different countries. Argentina is the country with the most overseas Spaniards registered to vote. According to the database 420,000 Spaniards are registered to vote in Argentina. That is almost double the number of Spaniards who have registered in the second most popular country of France (220,000 Spaniards).

European and Latin American countries appear to be the most popular destinations for Spaniards living abroad. The United States is also a popular destination for emigre Spaniards. Africa and Asia really aren't popular choices for Spaniards who choose to live abroad.

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