Thursday, November 07, 2019

Red Towns & Cities of the World

Day 7 of the #30DayMapChallenge brings us to the color red. In honor of the occasion here is an interactive map of all the red towns and cities around of world.

My map isn't very interesting at all. However it is a neat example of the power of importing and styling your own data in Mapbox Studio. The ability to add and style your own place labels in Mapbox Studio has been used particularly effectively this year in The Pudding's A People Map of the USA.

To get the data for my map I ran a search in Overpass Turbo for towns and cities including the letters 'red' (I also searched for 'rouge' and 'rot'). I then downloaded the results as a GeoJSON file. I uploaded this GeoJSON data to Mapbox Studio to create a data tileset. I then added this tileset to a new Mapbox map style. In my Mapbox style I turned off all the other place-name labels and styled my new tileset so that my new place-name labels are all colored red.

Earlier this year I used the same Mapbox Studio functionality to create the Map of English Literature, an interactive map which shows the birthplaces of some of English Literature's greatest writers. On this map authors, poets and dramatists have been mapped to their place of birth (although there are a few exceptions where writers have been mapped to locations which they are more commonly associated with).

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