Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Archaeology of London

The Archaeology of Greater London is an interactive map of London archaeological finds from pre-historic times, through the arrival of the Romans right up until the Middle Ages. Even if you aren't particularly interested in archaeology the map provides a fascinating insight into how London has developed as a city since the arrival of the Romans in 47 AD.

The Archaeology of Greater London map is organized into four distinct historical eras: the prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and Medieval. Each historical period has its own map providing an overview of the density of archaeological finds that have been discovered in London from that era of history. If you zoom in on the map colored markers are used to indicate the types of find discovered at different locations in the city.

The map for each historical period also reflects the layout of London during that era. For example the course of the Thames and London's many lost rivers are shown as they were at the time. The city's boundaries are shown as they were during that time in London's history and contemporaneous place-names are also used (for example the Medieval 'Eastceape' instead of 'Eastcheap').

The Archaeology of Greater London was created by the Museum of London Archaeology.

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