Monday, November 04, 2019

The Global Threat of Rising Seas

The threat of rising sea levels now affects millions more people than previously thought. A new elevation model from Climate Central reveals that many of the world’s coastlines are far lower than had previously been believed. The result is that rising seas are likely to affect many more areas than in previous models of climate change.

Climate Central's Coastal Risk Screening Tool is an interactive map which shows the risk around the world of rising seas in 2050. The map shows all land across the globe which is predicted to be below annual flood levels in 2050. The map includes two predefined climate change models - a model which uses a mid-range of global heating and a model which predicts a higher level of global heating. The map also includes a control which allow you to view predictions of sea level rise for other years.

At the bottom of the map sidebar you will find controls which allow you to switch between Climate Central's new elevation model and a legacy elevation model. This allows you to see how the new elevation model differs from previous projections of sea level rise.

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