Thursday, December 08, 2016

Mapping Global School Rankings

The latest global school rankings are an interesting read. Unless, of course, you live in America, in which case the poor standards in the teaching of literacy means that you will probably struggle with the long words.

The OECD's 'Programme for International Student Assessment' (Pisa) assesses education rankings in countries around the world in the core subjects of reading, mathematics and science. The 2015 results have now been released and you can browse the country rankings on two interactive maps, one created by the BBC and the other released by Compare Your Country.

Both maps allow you to view the rankings of each country tested by PISA in the subjects of reading, mathematics and science. The BBC map provides a choropleth view of each country's ranking for science. You can also click on a country on the map to view the country's score for reading and mathematics.

The Compare Your Country map is the better of the two maps and actually allows you to view a choropleth view for the country rankings in each of the three core subjects tested, It also allows you to view the rankings for the three 'Equity' scores, which compare the education scores of boys vs girls, students from different social backgrounds and students from immigrant families.

I was actually joking about the USA's poor reading skills. The USA scores above average in reading and science. However the USA is below average in mathematics, coming 40th out of the 70 countries tested.

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