Thursday, December 15, 2016

The World's Biggest Pub Crawl

The USA has developed some great optimal road trips which provide you with the shortest routes for visiting every major state landmark in the United States or for visiting every National Park. These maps provide a great guide for anyone who wants to make an epic sightseeing road trip across America

Here in the UK we also like sightseeing - visiting historical buildings and monuments gives us something to do in the mornings before the pub opens. The optimal road trip around the UK however doesn't really need to take in historical monuments and landmarks. Most Brits will be more than satisfied with a route that just shows the shorted route between every pub in the UK.

The UK Pub Crawl Map is a handy guide to the optimal route around the UK visiting 24,727 pubs. I think there are currently around 50,000 pubs in the UK. Therefore if you complete the UK Pub Crawl Map you will end up visiting around half of all the pubs in the UK. If you have a pint of beer in every pub the map should keep you busy for a few days. You can then visit the other 50,000 pubs next week.

If you want to create an optimal route for the other 50,000 pubs not included on the UK Pub Crawl Map then you might find Mapzen's Optimized Route API useful. You can view the API in action on a demo map which Mapzen published on its blog. Optimizing Your Route explains how you can use the Optimized Route API. To illustrate the blog post Mapzen has created an optimal route of some of San Francisco's best burrito restaurants. If you move the markers on the map the route automatically updates to show the new optimal route taking in the new location.

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