Monday, December 12, 2016

The Landuse Map

The GIScience Research Group of Heidelberg University has released an interactive map that can show you land-use and land-cover information for any location in the world. The map uses OpenStreetMap data to map land-use and show the percentage of different types of land-use around the globe.

The OSM Landuse Landcover map uses contrasting colors to show how areas have been tagged in OpenStreetMap for land-use and land-cover. If you zoom in on a location on the map you can see how different areas have been tagged for land-use and land-cover. A dynamic pie chart also provides an overview of the percentages of different types of land-use in the current map view.

Obviously the data on the map is only as accurate and complete as the data in OpenStreetMap.

Via: weeklyOSM

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