Thursday, May 18, 2017

Live Buses in Reykjavík

Strætó BS is the public transport company responsible for operating public transit buses in Reykjavík. I don't know how good they are at running buses but they do know how to make a brilliant route planning map.

The Strætó BS Route Planner map allows customers to easily plan which buses they need to take to travel between any two locations in the city and where they can catch those buses. To find your bus route you can either type in your starting point and destination or you can enter the two locations simply by clicking the locations on the map.

As you would expect the results of a search provide you with a mapped route, step by step instructions of which buses to catch, the times of the bus arrivals and the estimated time to complete your journey. The Strætó BS Route Planner also shows you where the buses are in Reykjavík with animated markers. The yellow markers show the live position of markers and even point in their direction of travel.

If being able to see where your bus is on a live real-time map isn't enough you can also click on individual bus-stops on the map to view the estimated times of arrival of the next few buses for that stop.

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