Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Crime Fighter's Dashboard.

By day I'm a mild mannered cartography. By night I am the Masked Mapper! With my sidekick Compass Boy I roam the streets of New York fighting crime.

Of course I have my own superhero crime fighting map.

In the past when the Chief of Police needed my help he would shine a massive searchlight into the sky to grab my attention. However this proved pretty ineffectual, especially when I wasn't aimlessly staring up at the clouds. Therefore the Mayor of New York and Esri have worked together to build for me a super-new, super-hero, live-action, crime-fighting interactive map.

The name of my new emergency services dashboard is COP! COP is an interactive map which helps me to keep up to date with the latest police, fire and ambulance emergencies in New York City. In order to help me respond quickly to these emergencies I can also view road closures and live traffic cams in real-time on the map.

I like to turn on the 'zoom to new incidents' option. COP then keeps me informed about the most recent emergencies in the city. The dashboard panel also keeps me up-to-date on the number of incidents in each borough over the last hour. This provides a handy guide as to whether any super-villains are currently active in the city.

But that's enough idle chatter for now. There's more crime-fighting to be done!

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