Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Migration Flow in the USA

Texas is the most popular destination for Californians moving out of the Golden State. The love that Californians have for Texas is reciprocated. California is actually the most popular destination for Texans moving out of state.

An interactive map by Oregon State University allows you to see which states are the most popular destinations for Americans moving house. The US Migration Flow Map uses flow lines to visualize the numbers of people moving between different states in the USA from 2009-2013. The map includes options to see which states have the biggest exchanges of citizens and to view the most popular state destinations for each individual state.

The size of the flow lines on the map is representative of the number of people moving between two states. You can mouse-over a line to view the total number of people moving to or from each state. The menu at the bottom of the map allows you to switch between the top 50 state-level total flows, the top 50 state destinations for individual states and the top 50 state origins for migration flows into individual states.

The US Migration Flow Map is actually an illustration of a a "force-directed method to automatically lay out migration flows". This method has been designed to reduce clutter and improve readability when using flow lines on a map. You can read more about the design principles behind the method in Automated layout of origin–destination flow maps: U.S. county-to-county migration 2009–2013 in the Journal of Maps.

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