Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mapping Seattle Crashes

Seattle Collisions is a mapped visualization of Seattle vehicle collisions since 2006. The tool allows you to analyze Seattle Department of Transportation data by location and calculate the economic cost of the vehicle collisions.

You can filter the vehicle collision data by date and by current map bounds. Seattle Collisions also allows you to view the collision data and economic costs for each individual Seattle neighborhood. If you select a neighborhood from the map you can view a graph showing the number of collisions since 2006. You can also view details on the severity of the collisions, the type of vehicles involved, the weather, road & light conditions and an estimate of the likely economic cost.

The economic cost calculations are based on the National Safety Council's estimated cost of motor-vehicle injuries.

The 'About' section of Seattle Collisions includes an informative section outlining the front and back-end technology used in creating this impressive data visualization of vehicle collisions.

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