Friday, April 05, 2019

Greenpeace's Ocean Blueprint

Oceans and seas around the world are facing growing levels of environmental threat from human activity. These threats include industrial scale over-fishing, plastic & other pollution and deep sea mining. Scientists are now calling for at least 30% of the world's oceans to be protected as ocean sanctuaries.

Greenpeace's new Ocean Blueprint interactive map visualizes how a network of ocean sanctuaries could be established to protect marine life around the globe. The map includes three 'Protection' layers. One shows the 5% of the world's oceans currently protected. A second layer shows a plan for how the 30% target could be reached. The third layer outlines a large-scale protection plan which would protect 50% of global oceans. This plan would increase the resilience of ocean eco-systems in facing the threats of climate change and acidification.

The Ocean Blueprint also includes a number of 'Threat' layers. These layers allow you to view the global threats from industrial scale fishing, deep sea mining, plastic pollution and climate impacts. These threats to the health of the world's oceans endanger not just marine life but the ability of the ocean to capture and store carbon.

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