Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How Global Warming Has Warmed Your Home

Buzzfeed has released two interactive maps which show how climate change is effecting locations across the globe. How Climate Change Has Already Transformed The Earth features two maps. One shows how temperatures have risen over the last 138 years. The other reveals how sea levels have risen since 1993.

The first interactive map visualizes the rate of global warming around the world since 1880. Click anywhere on the map and you can view a graph showing the changes to the average temperature at that location for the last 138 years. As well as creating a graph of temperatures over time the map includes a choropleth layer which reveals where temperatures have risen since 1950. This layer provides a stark illustration of how global warming has affected locations around the world, in particular in the Arctic. If you click on individual years on the interactive temperature graph you can see by how many degrees the temperature has risen at the selected location.

I've definitely written about the global warming map before on Maps Mania, however the map appears to have been updated since it last featured with the latest temperature records. The Buzzfeed article also features a new, similar styled, map which shows how sea levels have risen around the world. The choropleth layer on this map shows a comparison of the average sea level from 2008–2010 compared to the average from 1993–1995. The darker the shade of blue on the map then the higher the sea level rise. The graph shows the average global sea level for every year since 1993.

You can see how the two interactive maps were made (and how the Arctic sea ice animation in the Buzzfeed article was built) on the project's Github page. The maps were created with Mapbox GL and Highcharts (for the interactive graph).

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