Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Scotland with Exaggerated Elevation

The National Library of Scotland's 3D Map Viewer is a great tool for viewing georeferenced maps from the library's historical collection. The National Library of Scotland has digitized thousands of old historical Scottish maps. The library's 3D Map Viewer allows you to explore these vintage maps from a unique bird's eye view.

In the 3D Map Viewer the vintage maps are draped over an elevation model, which allows you to see the terrain of the areas being mapped. Recently the library added a new slide control which allows you to control and change the vertical exaggeration of this terrain model. By exaggerating the elevation it is possible to explore subtle changes in the terrain.

The 3D Map Viewer also includes a transparency control which allows you to adjust the opacity of the vintage map. Using this transparency control you can adjust the visibility of the overlaid map and even turn off the map to explore the modern map imagery underneath. Two drop-down menus in the map sidebar allow you to browse the library's collection of vintage maps and to select a historical map to view with the 3D Map Viewer.

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