Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Mapping China Tech Giants

The recent arrest of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou in Canada, at the request of the USA, has highlighted the growing tensions between China and the west over the ever growing influence of Chinese technological companies around the world. The west accuses these Chinese tech companies of continually stealing technology from western companies. It also has security concerns about Chinese technology being used in the west.

Chinese technology companies are playing a huge role in bringing modern technology to many previously unconnected areas, particularly in the developed world. This in turn worries many western governments who are concerned about the strategic and political implications of countries in the developing world being reliant on Chinese technological infrastructure.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has released an interactive map tracking the global reach of 12 key Chinese tech companies (including Huawei). Mapping China's Tech Giants shows the global influence and the global infrastructure being built by 12 of China's biggest technology companies. The interactive map includes the locations of undersea cables, 5G networks, data centers and manufacturing facilities. In total there are 17,000 data points shown on the map. This data can be filtered by technology type, by company and by individual company. If you click on the 'view companies' link in the map sidebar you can also view more details on the 12 individual Chinese tech companies featured on the map.

Providing technological support and infrastructure is just one way in which China is expanding its geo-politcal influence and global reach. China has also invested heavily in the physical infrastructure related to transport, energy and trade around the world. You can read more about China's global 'belt and road' initiatives in Understanding China's Belt and Road Project.


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