Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Who is Dreaming of a White Xmas?

If you live in Idaho then you can start dreaming of a white Christmas. According to NOAA's White Christmas interactive map Idahoans have a very good chance of seeing snow on Christmas Day. 

NOAA's White Christmas map uses historical weather data to provide a prediction of the chance of experiencing at least 1 inch of snow at your location on Christmas Day. The whiter the map at your location then the more chance there is of having a white Christmas.

If you want to know when the first snow of the year is most likely to fall where you live then you can refer instead to NOAA's handy interactive First Snow Map, which provides a nationwide guide to when you can expect to get the first snow of the winter. The map shows the date at your location when the chance of snow is at least 50%, based on historical weather records. 

AccuWeather has also released its annual predictions of the chances of seeing snow at Christmas. The AccuWeather White Christmas Forecast 'historical probability' map is calculated on a very similar basis to NOAA's forecast. The AccuWeather map shows the historical probability of a location seeing at least 1 inch of snow on the ground at Christmas based on 30-years worth of weather data.

However AccuWeather also uses this year's weather conditions and forecasts to provide a 2022 White Christmas Map. This map uses medium term weather forecasts to predict which areas of the United States have a higher or lower chance of seeing snow compared to 'normal'. 

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