Friday, December 30, 2022

A Little Map Fun x 3

If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve in style then you should boogey on down to the Map Disco. The animated GIF above really doesn't do Map Disco justice - because this GIF is missing sound. Visit Map Disco yourself and you can watch the countries of the world lighting-up to the amazing sounds of the Bee Gee's classic 'Staying Alive'.

Slightly more ambient sounds can be enjoyed on Steve Attewell's Camera Lens Effect map. This interactive map presents a view of the world as seen through the lens of a camera (complete with raindrops hitting the lens). But that's not all. The Camera Lens Effect map also comes with ambient sounds. Zoom-in on the map and you can hear the sounds of the city streets. Zoom-out and you begin to hear more natural sounds, such as the noise of the jet stream. 

Even more map fun can be found on the Kaleidoscope interactive map. This map stitches together a number of different map views (flipped & rotated) to create a psychedelic map kaleidoscope. If you open the control panel you can even adjust the number of map instances used in the kaleidoscope.

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