Monday, May 03, 2021

Curate a Street View Art Gallery

One of the very many things that I miss during this global epidemic is being able to visit museums and art galleries. Wouldn't it be nice if we could turn our city streets into one huge al-fresco art gallery, with great works of art displayed outside where we could view them in relative safety? Unfortunately I don't think that the world's museums are going to risk exposing their priceless artworks to the elements.

Thanks to Street Galleries, you can create your own virtual outdoors art gallery. Street Galleries is a Google Arts & Culture project which allows you to decorate cities around the world on Google Maps Street View with works of art from some of the world's leading museums.

You can choose from one of ten locations in a number of the world's major cities. Once you have chosen a location, you can begin adding paintings to the Street View of that location. Pick a painting from the Google Arts & Culture digital collections and you can hang it anywhere within your Street View panorama. You can move the painting anywhere in the Street View, allowing you to hang the picture on a building, on the road or even hanging in mid-air.

Decorating city Street View scenes with your favorite paintings is a lot of fun. You can also explore the Street Galleries created by other people. My one quibble with Street Galleries is that you are limited to only ten locations around the world. It would be so much more fun if you could actually decorate your own neighborhood on Street View with fantastic works of art.

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