Tuesday, May 04, 2021

The World Justified

The World, Justified is a work of art by the Brazilian artists Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain. The artwork portrays the world in four different ways. A traditional looking map uses horizontal lines to represent all the areas of the world. The other three representations justify these same horizontal lines in different ways - so that in one view of the world all the lines are centered, in one view they are all left-aligned and in the other they are all right-aligned.

Nicolas Lambert has now created an interactive version of The World Justified.Nicloas's version of the map represents the land using small dots. Using the map you can view these dots in four different ways: as a geographical atlas, as centered, as left-aligned or as right-aligned.

Viewing the land mass of the world justified in these three unusual ways provides an interesting view into where the world's land masses lie. It certainly helps reveal the top heavy (if you think of north as being up) nature of the globe, with far more land in the northern hemisphere than in the south. Now Nicolass just needs to add the option to view the world's land mass justified to the top of the page and to the bottom. This will help reveal how much land is in the east and how much is in the west.

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