Tuesday, May 04, 2021

The Valencia Building Age Map

Dr. Dominic Royé has created a building age map of the Spanish city of Valencia. He has also written a handy tutorial on how the map was created using the R Programming language for statistical computing and graphics. In Visualize Urban Growth you can not only play with an interactive building age map of Valencia but you can also learn how to create your very own building age map.

The article includes an interactive Valencia Building Age map, which uses Leaflet.js. On this map individual buildings in Valencia are colored according to the decade of their construction.Like many building age maps of European cities there is a fairly clear geographical pattern to the age of Valencia's buildings, with the oldest buildings being densest in the city center and the age of buildings generally becoming younger as you move out towards the suburbs.

You can explore how other cities around the world have developed over time using their own building age maps. Here are a few building age maps for other cities around the world:

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