Thursday, May 06, 2021

From Bohemia to the Czech Republic

The Czech Historical Atlas is a fantastic old-fashioned country atlas updated for the digital age. By describing the atlas as 'old fashioned' I really mean this in a positive way - because the Czech Historical Atlas reminds me of the many much loved hefty atlases which adorn my book shelves. Atlases which are full of maps visualizing geopolitical, social, religious and economic data. The kind of atlas which you I could study for hours. 

The Czech Historical Atlas is available as a printed book but it can also be browsed as a modern interactive map portal. This 'electronic map portal' contains over 160 maps exploring all aspects of Czech history and modern life. The Atlas is organized into different chapters which allow you to explore the history of the Czech Republic from medieval times right up until the modern day. 

The chapters contained in the Czech Historical Atlas include (but aren't restricted to) Borders and Territories, Religion and Faith and War Conflicts and their Consequences. All of these chapters are presented in the manner of separate story maps, with explanatory text accompanied and illustrated by a host of interactive maps. As well as exploring the maps as they occur within each chapter of the Atlas you can also take a closer look at each map and compare it with other maps in the Maps Compare section of the Atlas.

The Maps Compare section of the atlas allows you to choose any two of the 160 maps in the collection to compare them side-by-side. This allows you to compare two different selected topics to help discover and reveal parallels and connections in the historical development of the Czech Republic. 

If you have any interest in the history of the Czech Republic or are just a fan of maps and atlases then the Czech Historical Atlas is for you. The interactive online version of the atlas is available in both English and Czech.

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