Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Exposing the Horrors of War

Over the last two months reporters at the Washington Post have verified more than 200 videos documenting some of the atrocities carried out by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine ordinary citizens, soldiers, and officials have been using their phones to record the horrors carried out by the Russian army.

The Post has now organized these videos into a searchable database. Obviously many of these videos show the realities of war and can be distressing to watch. They record people losing their homes, their loved ones and even their own lives. All the videos have been uploaded in their raw format and the most graphic videos are clearly indicated as such by the Washington Post. 

The Post's Database of Ukraine Video can be searched by date and by keywords. An interactive map showing where each video was recorded also allows you to search the database by location. An animated map (shown above) also shows the location of all the videos, appearing on the map by the date of their recording.

You can also explore the terrible cost of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on the incredible 3D models created by Hidenori Watanave on his Satellite Images of Ukraine and 3D Data & 360 Panoramas Map of Ukraine.

These maps use data from images and videos captured in Ukraine to recreate incredible 3D models of some of the devastation caused by the Russian army. 3D photogrammetric models have been created of buildings and vehicles which have been destroyed during the war using drone captured imagery and photos taken on the ground. The result is two shocking interactive 3D maps which allow you to view the devastating destruction in Ukraine from an almost first person perspective.

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