Thursday, November 02, 2023

135,000 Years of Changing Sea Levels

The Sea Level Map is an interactive globe which visualizes global sea level and ice sheet interactions over the past 135,000 years. Using the map you can discover in which eras of Earth's history your home might have been under water.

The date control at the bottom of the map allows you to adjust the sea level and ice sheets displayed by date. Using this control you can adjust the date shown on the map in increments of 5,000 BP (before present). You can adjust the map to show any period in Earth's history back to 135,000 years ago.

On the animated GIF of the map shown above you can see the rise and fall of Doggerland. 13,000 years ago Doogerland connected Britain to continental Europe. Now submerged beneath the North Sea, Doggerland was flooded by rising sea levels around 6500–6200 BCE.

If you open the map sidebar you can view an explanation of the current period visualized on the map.The sidebar also includes a graph showing global sea levels over the course of the whole 135,000 years displayed on the map.

Dinosaur Pictures has also created an interactive 3d globe which allows you to view how planet Earth has changed throughout the entire history of life on this planet. The Ancient Earth Globe travels back 600 million years to the dawn of multi-cellular life on Earth. 

You can use the provided menus to change the era visualized on the globe. For example, you can travel back a 170 million years, to view the Earth as it looked during the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Fast forward a little more and you can view how the planet looked when humans first began to roam the Earth around 20 million years ago.

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