Friday, November 03, 2023

Star-Gazing Hotels

If you live in a town or city and you want to observe the true astronomical splendor of the night sky then you need to plan an evening away, somewhere away from the bright lights of the city, somewhere where there is very little light pollution. Luckily there is a new interactive map that will not only help you find locations with reduced light pollution but will also show you the locations of nearby hotels.

DarkHotels uses a global light-pollution map to show the levels of light pollution around the world. Therefore it is very easy to find locations on the map which will be great for star-gazing. If you find a location on the map that you fancy visiting then you just need to use the calendar control to enter the dates of your planned visits and then hit the 'refresh results' button. Once done the map will show the locations of available hotels with their current nightly rates. Click on a marker and you will be taken directly to where you can make a reservation for your stay.

Also See

Light Pollution Map - this interactive map allows you to explore the levels of light pollution around the world using VIIRS (infrared imaging) data collected by satellites.

Spaceship Earth - this clever map allows you to enter any address in the Netherlands to discover how many stars can be seen from that location. The map also explores some of the most (and least) light polluted areas in the country.

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