Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Wednesday Night is Game Night

Following the huge runaway success of Benjamin Tran Dinh's the London Tube Memory Game (which bears an uncanny resemblance to my own London TubeQuiz) it is not that surprising that a number of other map memory games have now suddenly appeared on the scene. 

US States Quiz

My own US States Quiz is similar to the London Tube Memory Game. The only real difference is that instead of having to name London tube stations in this US States Quiz you are required to name all of the 50 separate states which together form the United States. Don't worry if you can't name them all in one sitting as the game will remember your score and which states you have already named.

London Boroughs Quiz

I have also created the London Boroughs Quiz, in which you have to name all the London boroughs. There are 33 London boroughs to name in total. Naming all 33 is very tough. Even though I wrote the game I struggled to name 25 London boroughs while playing the game this morning.

This one is strictly for the residents of the English city of Nottingham personally I can't name a single tram station in Nottingham). However if you are a resident of Nottingham then you will have a lot of fun trying to name all 50 stations on the city's tram network. This game doesn't appear to use localStorage so you will lose your score when you close or refresh the browser window.

Following the huge success of his London tube game it is no surprise that Benjamin Tran Dinh himself has been busy creating versions of the game for other cities. These include the Washington DC Metro Memory Game in which you have to name all the metro stations in the US capital.

If that wasn't enough Benjamin has also created metro memory games for, New York, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Vienna. I'm sure Benjamin is working on more - links to these will be added to his Metro Memory home page when complete.

If you enjoy naming US States then you should enjoy Find the State. In this game you are asked to name each of the 50 US states in turn. As well as having to name all 50 states part of the objective in this game is to build winning streaks. Identify a wrong state and your streak returns to zero.

All of these games (bar Find the State) were actually inspired by Chris Arvin's original map memory game Name San Francisco Streets. In this game you are required to name all the streets of San Francisco. If you have never been to San Francisco my tip is to remember that Americans do like to use numbers when naming their city streets.

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