Thursday, November 09, 2023

How Long Will You Live?

According to I can expect to live for another 26.9 years. This calculation is based on my age, sex and country of birth. I am lucky I don't live in the United States. If I did I'd have 16 months less to live. Mind you if I lived in Japan I'd be able to look forward to living an extra 7 months.

Enter your date of birth, country of birth and sex into and it will tell you your estimated life expectancy based on United Nations data. Not only does tell you how many years and months you can expect to live it will also show you an interactive map showing you all the countries in the world where someone of your age and sex has a higher and lower life expectancy. For example if I lived in any of the countries colored green on the map above I would have a longer life expectancy. If I lived in any of the red colored countries I could expect a lower life expectancy. can also tell you how many people in the world are currently older and younger than you (84% of the world's population is younger than me). It can also show you your chances of dying in each of your remaining years. For example next year I have around a 2% chance of dying. I'm a little sad that my chance of dying reaches 100% when I reach 107. I was so looking forward to my 108th birthday.

Via: quantum of sollazzo

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