Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Real-time Air Pollution Alerts

an animated map of global aerosol alerts

In February the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) launched an Aerosol Alerts service to provide warnings about upcoming air pollution. You can view an animated map of today's alerts on the Aerosol Alerts interactive map.

Aerosols are tiny particles that are suspended in the air, which can come from both natural and human-made sources.  Natural sources of aerosols include dust storms, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and sea spray. Human-made sources of aerosols include air pollution from vehicles and factories, and the burning of fossil fuels. 

The CAMS Aerosol Alerts service provides forecasts of the largest aerosol events (such as forest fires, dust storms and anthropogenic pollution episodes) up to three days in advance. The alerts service provides a valuable tool for anyone with a keen interest in the air quality conditions in their area. The information can be used to make decisions about whether to stay indoors or to take other precautions against possible poor air quality. Anybody can sign up to receive customized alerts from CAMS Aerosol Alerts covering their geographical area and aerosol areas of interest. 

If you are interested in current air pollution levels in your area you can also use IQAir's interactive maps. The IQAir Earth Air Pollution Map is a real-time interactive map of worldwide air pollution. The map includes an animated wind layer and an animated heat map showing the level of air pollution around the world based on the Air Quality Index (AQI).

The air pollution data for AirVisual Earth comes from thousands of EPA monitoring stations around the world. Data for the map also comes from owners of AirVisual's own air quality monitors across the globe. You can see where all these measurements come from on AirVisual's World Live Air Quality Map. This map shows the real-time readings from over 9,000 worldwide locations.

Plume Labs map of current air pollution levels around the world

Plume Labs' World Air Quality Map is another real-time map of air pollution around the world. This map is driven by data from Flow personal air pollution sensors and from other recognized sources of air quality.

The World Air Map updates every 15 minutes showing air pollution levels around the world recorded by Plume Labs' distributed air quality sensors. Zoom in on a city on the World Air Map and you can view a street-by-street visualization of local air pollution levels. The map also includes a link to view a weekly or monthly forecast of air pollution levels in the chosen city. 

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