Wednesday, March 06, 2024

There are 2,773 stories in the Naked City

a choropleth map showing The City articles by New York neighborhood

The 1960's procedural police series the Naked City used to conclude every episode with the line: "There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them." If there are eight million stories in New York then The City has got quite a long way to go before it is finished reporting on them. So far it has managed to find only 2,773 stories in NYC.

The City asked ChatGPT to find and map all the locations mentioned in The City since its founding in 2019. The result is Where AI Mapped Our Stories, an interactive map of the 2,773 locations mentioned in 4,159 articles in The City. The map features two main views: a choropleth view - showing the number of stories in The City by neighborhood and a marker view plotting the exact 2,773 locations mentioned in The City since 2019. 

If you live in New York then this second 'Individual Stories' view is a great way to find the stories in The City which are closest to your home. In fact you can click on any of the individual markers on this map view to be taken directly to the story on The City website.

According to ChatGPT's analysis The City has covered "a broad cross-section of our city". However it does seem that some neighborhoods, such as eastern Queens and Staten Island, have not featured as often as many other New York neighborhoods.

If you are interested in running a similar geographical analysis of a large dataset then you can read more about the process undertaken by The City in using ChatGPT to map its stories in the article We Asked an AI to Map Our Stories Across NYC.

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