Friday, March 29, 2024

The Islamic State Attack Map

a map of Islamic State's global activities

In the last 12 months the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for 1,121 attacks around the world. Just last week the terrorist organization claimed that four of its members carried out the attack on concert goers at the Crocus City Hall, Moscow, leaving over one hundred people dead.

The Islamic State Worldwide Activity Map is attempting to track IS's global activity and to make this information readily available. The map visualizes where the group is operating around the world while also providing an historical overview of the group's activities. The map can be searched by category, keywords and by the various names assumed by IS. The map time-line control allows users to also filter the map by date-range.

The data for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's map is drawn from primary sources. These include IS's own press releases, government announcements, and court documents. According to the Institute's analysis of the map, One Year of the Islamic State Worldwide Activity Map, since the map's launch in March 2023 Islamic State has claimed responsibility for killing or injuring around 4,770 people. 

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