Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Map Shirts, Skirts and Scarfs

With Christmas fast approaching you've probably already started thinking about what you will be buying that fashion-conscious cartophile who has everything. Well why not buy them a mapped shirt, skirt or scarf?

Monochōme is a new online-shop specializing in a range of map themed clothing items. The site features a handy little map tool which allows you to select the street map for any location in the world. Once you've chosen your favorite location you can then buy a shirt or skirt featuring your chosen street map.

Monochōme features two different OpenStreetMap derived map styles. One of the styles is a tasteful gray-scale map and the other features building footprints.

Alternatively, if you are buying someone who is the outdoor, adventurous type, then you might want to buy them something from SplashMaps. Splashmaps are wearable, washable, all weather maps which can not only help you navigate but can also keep you warm.

Like Monochōme, SplashMaps also includes a handy little map tool which allows you to select the location you want featured on your wearable map. SplashMaps are also derived from OpenStreetMap data.

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