Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Musical Highways of America

The Foo Fighters Sonic Highways is a fascinating documentary, directed by David Grohl, exploring the eight city journey undertaken by the band to record their latest album. The band recorded one song in each city, featuring local musicians from each of the visited cities.

The Foo Fighters Sonic Highways is far more than just a documentary about the recording of the album. Each episode delves into the identity of the featured city, exploring how location influences music and the musicians who live there. In each city Grohl interviews well known musicians and discusses the local music scene and its influence on their musical careers.

The Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Map provides an interesting introduction to the documentary. The map includes interesting musical landmarks in each of the eight cities visited. It also includes a video excerpt from each episode in the documentary featuring one of Grohl's interviews with a famous local musician.

You can watch each episode of the documentary in full on the HBO website.

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