Friday, December 05, 2014

The Real World GTA V Map

If you are a big fan of GTA V then you might want to visit some of the landmarks from the game in real life. Apparently many of the buildings and landmarks used in the game are based on real-world counterparts in Los Angeles and Southern California.

The Los Santos Landmarks Map is a GTA V map which compares buildings and landmarks in Los Santos with the real landmarks and buildings that they were modeled on. If you click on a marker on the map or choose a building from the map sidebar you can compare photos of the landmark - from the game and from its real-life counterpart. You can also view a small Google Map satellite view of the real-world building and click-through to view its location on Google Maps.

If you just want to view an interactive map of Los Santos and the location of important locations in the game then check-out the GTA 5 Map.

The Interactive GTA V Glitch map has created a Google Map of Los Santos. The map contains locations where you can discover glitches in the game and even includes videos of how to replicate the glitches. 

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Anonymous said...

I dont think Mount Josiah is MT.Whitney