Friday, November 10, 2017

Americans With Honor

On Tuesday Syria agreed to sign the Paris climate agreement. When that happens every country in the world will have signed up to the Paris Accord. Unfortunately that world also includes Donald Trump.

Obviously the Paris Accord only has a chance of succeeding if all those countries honor what they signed up for. So does Donald Trump have any honor? Apparently not-  as he is threatening to withdraw the United States from the agreement. Not every American is happy with that decision. For example the We Are Still In movement is a collection of U.S. states, cities, counties, businesses, universities and civil society organizations who have agreed to "stand by the Paris Agreement and are committed to meeting its goals".

Data-Driven Yale has released an interactive map of just some of those organizations that have pledged to honor the promise the USA made when it signed up to the Paris climate agreement. You can click on the markers displayed on the map to learn more about the individual organizations and any ecological commitments that they have made.

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