Monday, November 06, 2017

Explore the Seafloor

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the ocean waves off the coast of America? If you have scuba diving experience you could always explore the seafloor for yourself. Or you could just let the U.S. Geological Survey do all the diving for you.

As part of the Coastal & Marine Geology Program Seafloor Mapping Project the USGS has been busy collecting video and photography of the seafloor off of the U.S. coast. You can explore the seafloor videos and photos for yourself using the USGS's Video and Photograph Portal. From the portal you can access interactive maps of California, Pacific Islands, Pacific NW, Alaska, New England and the Mid Atlantic.

All these interactive maps include seafloor video and photo imagery which you can explore directly from the map. Locations where video imagery is available are marked red on the map. The photo imagery is colored blue. Just click on these blue & red dots to view the seafloor imagery.

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