Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Toronto's Caffeine Gang Wars

Toronto's caffeine gang wars are tearing the city apart. As rival coffee gangs fight for territory local residents can do next to nothing to stop the relentless spread of caffeine. Innocent residents can only sit back and watch in horror as their neighborhoods are overrun by blank-eyed caffeine addicts.

Neoformix is more informed than most. They have been busy mapping the spread of coffee shops throughout Toronto and its surrounding suburbs. They have even managed to map out out how the rival coffee gangs have carved out the city between them.

The Toronto Coffee Shop Territory Map shows you which parts of Toronto belong to which coffee shop gang. Using a Voronoi map Neoformix has divided Toronto into a patchwork quilt of new neighborhoods based on the nearest coffee shop chain.

In the center of the city you can see how Tim Hortons (red) and Starbucks (green) have conquered lots of small territories. However smaller independent coffee shops still manage to thrive in some places. If you zoom-out on the map you will discover that outside of the city Tim Hortons has carved out a lot of territory. As the population gets less dense there is more of a chance that your nearest fix of caffeine will come from a Tim Hortons.

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