Friday, November 03, 2017

Mapping Changes to Journey Times

Isochrone maps can be useful. They can be particularly useful if you need to show the effect on passenger travel times when you move the location of a train station.

The German rail company Deutsche Bahn wants to move a train station in Hamburg from Altona to Diebsteich. Spiegel Online and Motion Intelligence have carried out their own traffic analysis to show the impact of this move on train passengers. They have visualized the results on an interactive map. Brauchen Sie Bald Langer zum Zug? shows which areas of Hamburg are within 30 minutes of an intercity railway station.

If you switch between 'Altona' and 'Diebsteich' you can see the effect that moving the train station will have on passengers. Some passengers will have shorter journeys to their nearest innercity station. Others will lose out and will face a longer journey. The colored isochrone layer on the map shows the travel times for passengers in 5 minute increments.

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