Monday, November 06, 2017

Fantasy Map Generators

Oskar Stalberg's City Generator is a fun little application which can automatically create a map of a fictional town, complete with buildings, roads and trees.

Just click on the empty canvas to start generating a city map. You can then watch as urban sprawl starts to spread out from the location where you first clicked. If you don't like any of the gaps in your map you can click on the canvas again to add more buildings and roads to your randomly generated map.

The Medieval Fantasy City Generator is another fun tool. This one creates random fictional maps of medieval towns. Just choose your size of town or city and the Wizard of Maps will magically create your very own fantasy medieval map.

All the maps created by the Medieval Fantasy City Generator include a number of similar features. Each town or city is centered around a central market place. Each town is surrounded by a city wall. The city wall has up to four gates, where up to four roads enter the city. All of these roads end at the central market. A castle is also placed somewhere along each city's wall.

The Fantasy Map Generator is a d3.js based wizard for creating fantasy maps of fictional lands. The generator creates a fictional world complete with coast lines, regional borders and map labels. The generator also includes a number of customization options which allow you to change the color of the map and the number of features generated.

The Fantasy Map Generator is very much a work in progress and the author has lots of new developments in the pipeline. Details about these developments are covered in his blog Fantasy Maps for Fun and Glory.

If you enjoy fantasy worlds and maps then you should follow Uncharted Atlas on Twitter. This Twitter bot publishes random fantasy maps created by a fantasy map generator.

The details on how these maps are created can be viewed on Generating Fantasy Maps and Generating Placenames. The code for the generator is also available on GitHub.

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