Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Berlin Pollution Mapped

The Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin has released an interesting visualization of air pollution in Berlin. The visualization uses an interactive map to show the hourly distribution of particulate matter at measuring stations throughout the city.

3D-Feinstaub Berlin uses extruded cylindrical polygons to show the levels of particulate matter measured at each station. Both the height and the color of the cylinders reflect the level of air pollution recorded. If you turn on the heat map layer you can view an estimation of how that air pollution might have spread around Berlin based on the wind speed and direction at the time of the measurements.

The map includes data on Berlin's air pollution dating back to January 15th 2017. You can use the date and hour controls on the map to visualize the air pollution measured at any hour on any of the days since that date.

If you are interested in using extruded polygons in your own map visualizations then you should check out the Mapbox GL Extrude Polygons demo map and code.

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