Wednesday, January 10, 2018

San Fran Windows

This interactive map provides a window into the soul of San Francisco. In fact Windows of San Francisco provides 100 different windows into the daily life of the Golden City.

The premise behind Windows of San Francisco is wonderfully simple. The site provides 100 short videos of San Francisco street-life, as seen through different windows in the city. Although the concept is simple the result is a beautifully realized snapshot of the city and its different neighborhoods. From the leather clad men idly parading on Folsom Street, via the snap-shotting tourists at the Embarcadero, to the homeless man lying on Columbus Avenue, the videos on Windows of San Francisco provide a portrait of everyday life in one of America's most popular cities.

If you are stumped as to the location of any of the videos then you simply need to click on the map icon. This loads an interactive map showing you where the video footage was captured. If you zoom out on this map you can see markers showing you where all 100 videos were shot. Unfortunately these markers aren't interactive. This is a shame as interactive markers would make the map a great way to navigate and view the videos by location.

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