Monday, January 22, 2018

Mapping the World's Favorite Songs

The Pudding has mapped the world's most popular songs on one interactive map. The Pudding's Cultural Borders of Songs map uses data from YouTube to visualize what people are most listening to around the world.

The map replaces the world's place-name labels with map labels which reveal the most popular songs in each part of the globe. Countries and states are also colored on the map by song. This helps to reveal the regions where individual songs are most popular.

The top 15 songs are listed in the side panel. If you select a song from this list you can see the areas of the world where it was the most popular song on YouTube last month. You can also listen to the song and watch its YouTube video directly from the map.

Spotify's Musical Map of the World allows you to listen to locally distinctive music in cities around the world. Using the Musical Map you can select from around a thousand global cities and listen to the music that appeals to local people who use the Spotify music streaming service.

When you select a city on the map you can view a Spotify playlist of the most popular distinctive music from that city. This playlist is not necessarily the most popular songs listened to on Spotify in the chosen city but the most 'distinctive'. In other words this is music that people in the chosen city listen to a lot, which people in other cities do not listen to so much.

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