Friday, January 05, 2018

London's Employment Zones

CDRC Maps has added a new data layer to their interactive map of UK census, consumer and health metrics. The new London Workplace Zones uses data from the 2011 census (and various other sources) to classify the capital's workplace populations. The map provides an interesting guide to the main employment sectors in the different parts of London.

The map doesn't show in which sectors the people who live in these areas work. Instead it shows the main type of employment available in each these areas. You could think of it as showing the main employment sectors for the daytime population in each area of London.

The overall picture it paints of London's workplace zones isn't that surprising. The financial centres are mainly situated in the City and around Canary Wharf. Residential services seem to be concentrated in outer London. A lot of retail destinations are based in inner London and a lot of self-employed service providers work in areas surrounding inner London.

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