Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What is Here & There

What is Where is a map based point of information search engine. Using Whats is There you can search any area in the world for lots of different types of local points of interest. The map uses data from OpenStreetMap to help you find out what is available in a defined search area.

There are lots of potential use cases for What is There. These include, for example, researching an area before buying a house or for looking for potential nearby competitors before starting a new business. The search facility allows multiple conditions and groups of conditions to be applied to a search at the same time. It also allows you to define a search area by drawing on the map.

You could use What is There to find all the cafes within a set distance of a potential new home. Alternatively if you want to start your own cafe you could use What is There to find all the postcodes without a cafe within a two miles radius.

What is There includes the option to save and load your point of interest search projects. You can also export the results from a search in CSV format and open the results in your favorite spreadsheet program.

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