Tuesday, September 03, 2019

NASA Earth Observation in 3D

Emerson Walsh's WebGL Globe allows you to explore a number of NASA satellite views of Earth on a fully interactive 3D globe.

The 3D globe visualizes a number of different layers from NASA Earth Observations. These layers include global population density, land & sea surface temperatures, albedo, crowd fraction, leaf area index, vegetation index and chlorophyll concentration. You can learn more about each of the different layers visualized on the globe by hovering over the layer's name in the bottom-right hand corner of page.

NASA Earth Observation has numerous other global data-sets of Earth's ocean, atmosphere and land surfaces, all of which can be downloaded in various image formats. These images are all derived from satellite data obtained from NASA's constellation of Earth Observing System satellites.

Emerson's WebGL Globe was created using Three.js. If you want to make your own WebGL globes using Three.js then you might find How to Make the Earth in WebGL useful. This tutorial on WebGL globes was created by the creator of planets, a collection of 3D globes of all the planets in our solar system.

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